• Ocean County Prosecutors Office

    ICS developed and installed a new set of Circon controls and improvements to each VAV box along with other changes to the system & controls. The operating cost improvements resulted in a remarkable 3.3 year payback. The result was a reduction in complaints and an improvement in comfort control.

  • United Health Care Office

    The two story office was upgraded with 270 new VAV boxes using a Circon controller, new room sensors, new CO2 controls (demand Ventilation), Dynamic controls in each office area, building pressure control, new controls for perimeter heat and economizer controls. The 10 stage boiler & 350 ton Carrier chiller system were also controlled using auto-reset. The complete upgrade resulted in greatly improved performance and energy savings.

  • Warren Township Schools

    Three schools with antiquated manual controls were improved with modern DDC controls to operate roof-top units, economizers, CO2 control and classroom schedules. With the advantage of central & remote monitoring and improved control, the result was a 2 year payback.